Morteza Nikoubazl Photography

Daily Life in Iran, Mobile Photography

This is a story about my city, my country and its people, places, art and culture. I started working on this project as soon as I have received my Nokia Lumia 1020. I always love to shoot by using my smartphone on the street because people do not care if I take their photograph they always feel good and no question why I am doing this, they think that I am a man like the others who take photo by their smartphones and producing tens of thousands images during the day around the planet. I believe that photography in its new style brings more freedom to the street photographers, you can stay and waiting for the golden moment, make your composition and capture whatever you like and nobody won’t question about your job your cameras or why you are a photographer. At all, Mobile-Photography is working under a shadow of freedom in action.

This story has no beginning and is endless, I will upload new photographs whenever I soot