Morteza Nikoubazl Photography

Iran-U.S. relations on the wall

The Iran hostage crisis, In Iran named (literally “Conquest of the American Spy Den,”), was a diplomatic crisis between Iran and the U.S. Fifty-two Americans were held hostage for 444 days, after a group of Iranian students supporting the Iran’s Revolution took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran as they asked U.S. to return the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Former King of Iran) back to Iran who were allowed into the U.S. for medical treatment, for trial of the crimes committed by him during his reign on ordinary citizens with the help of his secret police, the SAVAK. finally U.S. has been rejected their request, it was the black point on the U.S. and Iran relations.

But now after more than three decades Iran and U.S. decided to change the black atmosphere between two countries and you can see this when you take a look back on anti-U.S. murals which I can remember them since 2000 and compare them by the murals on walls of the former U.S. embassy today.

When I backed to the embassy for working on my street portraits story (Who passed the embassy) I found three changes on murals which changed them of anti-U.S. murals to some paintings just about Iran and U.S. and story of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

U.S. flag on a pistol gun, Portrait of an American diplomat and U.S.A sign with a pirates’ symbolic logo on a shell which is dropped down from a jet fighter, all are cleared from the murals. these are just changes which can explain us what different is between 1979 Iran and U.S. relations and their diplomacy after 2013 Iran’s Presidential election as Rouhani takes place as the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.